Carbon Flush, a subsidiary of Unique Motorsport PTY Ltd, was established with the main aim to provide a comprehensive, professional de-carboning of vehicle engines and fuel injector flow-testing (petrol injectors) and cleaning service within the automobile industry.


Carbon Flush utilise the latest technology in rendering its service in line with best practice and leading industry standards. The build-up of carbon deposits in a petrol or diesel vehicle’s engine is nothing new (For more info, read the part on "CARBON EXPLAINED" - link on HOME page), though not so imminent as in the modern vehicle engine seen today. The effect it has on the engine has however increased with modern technology utilised in today’s advanced vehicle engines. The result of carbon build-up in a modern engine is much more evident today in comparison to a few years ago as compression ratios of engines are higher, more and more vehicles are turbocharged and direct-port injection has become the norm. Simultaneously we found ourselves more and more in stop-and-go traffic conditions, driving at slow speed with fuel which is of poor quality or that lacks the actual required octane (RON) for which the engine was developed. As a result of carbon build-up, engine performance decrease, misfires, rough idling, engine noise and/or hard to start became more and more frequent, fuel consumption increase and a vehicle’s emission gasses deteriorate (smoke).


To address the problem of carbon build-up, it is necessary to maintain the vehicle, in a similar way than servicing the vehicle, however, a normal vehicle service does not address carbon build-up, for the latter a vehicle’s engine needs to be carbon-flushed to remove any carbon deposits from inside the engine without the expensive cost, risks and time needed to strip an engine to de-carbon it.


Similarly, carbon deposits also build up on injectors due to fuel quality, different additives added to petrol, heat and combustion. Fuel injectors therefore need maintenance/cleaning from time to time.


At Carbon Flush, we utilise the latest technology in maintaining your vehicle against carbon build-up or clogged fuel injectors without removing the relevant parts from your vehicle. This is a cost-effective way to ensure that your vehicle performs at its peak at all time, gaining/restoring its performance and fuel efficiency whilst protecting the engine from major damage that may be caused as a result of carbon build-up or a dirty fuel injector(s).