The Walnut Blasting machine use crushed Walnut shells/powder, which is a natural polish material, to remove hard carbon deposits from the engine intake and valves by blasting it off. The Walnut shells/powder’s hardness is lower than metal but higher than carbon deposits, thus it will clean the intake and the valves thoroughly without causing any damage to any metal part. The Walnut Blasting machine is specifically designed and developed for this task. It sprays the Walnut powder to clean the intake and valves whilst the used Walnut powder and carbon deposits are removed from the intake and valves by vacuum in a closed loop from the vehicle’s engine back to the Walnut Blasting machine.  The process is effective and will not harm or damage any engine components or parts. It is a non-intrusive process as only the vehicle’s intake needs to be removed from the vehicle and no other disassembling of engine parts is required.


This process is usually followed where carbon deposits have built up over a long period or due to high km travelled without flushing carbon deposits regularly from the vehicle’s engine.